Greetings, in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

REVEREND BEVERLY THOMAS, pastor of A Passion for Christ Ministries in Chicago, Illinois is on the brink of a marvelous work. The Gospel is spread through tapes, sermons, music and literature all over the city and abroad. Reverend Thomas has taken three missionary journeys through South Africa, spreading the redemptive message of Jesus Christ.

Through such ministries as “Cater-the-Word,” we are reaching those who are unable to come out to our church. One of the greatest emphasis is on the youth, through such programs as the Teen Forum. Here, our youth are able to come and receive strength from our leaders within the church as well as outside leaders who are invited to come and courage our youth.

Feel free to view out telecast, “The Light Still Shines,” which airs the first three Saturdays of each month on WJYS-62 at 5:00 a.m.


A Long Way
From Home

When life comes full circle you will realize all you ever needed you already had. You just refused to listen. "A Long Way from Home" was the first fictional book written by Reverend Thomas.

"Emancipation,” The pastor’s second book is well under way, travel with Reverend Thomas as she makes another great journey. Just like "A Long Way From Home.”  initial installments of the book will be available in supplemental, newsletters, concluding with a published work!

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"Oh sinner, come to Jesus. Backslider, come to Jesus..."
"Lift your hand and mean this prayer, and God will hear."